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Feb 19 Weekly Papers

Anna Davis
Feb 19 Paper

After hearing from Rita about the show Long Island Medium in class on Tuesday, I was surprised that she believed Theresa Caputo was a real medium. She mentioned that the show was edited a lot and that it did not accurately portray the process, but that Theresa Caputo was nevertheless a real medium. I wanted to learn more about the star of Long Island Medium so I chose to read her autobiography, There’s More to Life Than This. The book was a fast and fun read, and Theresa came across as sincere and honest.

She was born and raised on Long Island in Hicksville, New York. She began seeing spirits at the age of four, often in the form of nightmares. Because of her night terrors, she began to develop anxiety that stayed with her until she was thirty years old. She recalls seeing her very first spirit at four years old, an old hobo who was calling out her name over and over again. She was terrified of him and cried for her parents. She continued to see spirits and have nightmares, and chose to ignore them rather than talk to them. Her family was Roman Catholic, but spiritually flexible and was completely supportive of her. They realized that she was actually “hearing” and “seeing” spirits and it was her mother who encouraged her to go see a spiritual guide.

When Theresa was 16 her grandmother died and this was the first time she let the spirits back in to talk to her. She sat by the window and communicated with her grandmother. Shortly thereafter, however, she shout out all of the spirits again. Thereas recounts that while her family was supportive of her, her fellow classmates teased her and it was their lack of acceptance that prompted her to shout out the spirits again. When her uncle Julie died, her mental health took a turn for the worse and she developed more phobias.

At age 18, Theresa met her husband Larry and began therapy. She had developed a smoking habit, as well as other habits, to cope with her anxieties. In her mid-twenties she fell deathly ill with a fever of 104 degrees. She now believes that this was an act of God, who was “detoxing” her body. By age 28 she had stopped smoking, but her anxiety was still a problem. She met Pat Longo, a spiritual teacher, who told her she was a medium. With Pat’s help she overcame her anxiety, and set “office hours” for spirits to talk to her. By setting boundaries, she was able to control the emotions that came with communicating with spirits.

Towards the end of her book, Theresa shared her thoughts on the afterlife and guardian angels. I found her thoughts to be very interesting and sort of a new twist on what I have heard in the past. She talked about how everyone has a guardian angel, and hers is named Solerna. She said that when we die our souls detach from our bodies and we meet other souls and either learn our new lessons in heaven or come back to earth and learn them through reincarnation.

I’m still undecided on whether or not she is actually a medium, but I found her book to be both personal and educational on how mediums operate and communicate with spirits.