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Brianna McNees 3/12 Post

After reading The One Mind by Dr. Larry Dossey, I was able to reflect on some of my own actions and relate them to the common theme within the book.  Dossey talks about the idea of being a collective consciousness that everyone shares and is united by, and I was surprised to see that he is not the only one that has proposed this idea.  The idea of the “one mind” has historical roots and has been presented by various scientists throughout the century.  It is because of this longevity that this idea appears to be one that is credible and something that I can consider believing in.

Dossey talks about his personal experiences in Vietnam and how the idea of the one mind has been incorporated into his own life.  As soon as he described his own experience with this, I was able to relate it to my own experiences.  Before going to Vietnam he consciously made the decision that he was going to do everything he could to protect his own life and that was his number one priority throughout the war.  When in the heat of the moment, this commitment was thrown out and he began to act subconsciously.  Instead of protecting his own life, he was willing to risk it to save others.  He justifies this change of mind with the idea of the one mind.  He believes that individuals choose to put others before themselves and above their own self-commitments because they feel connected to others through the collective consciousness that exists.  It is the unity of consciousness that forces individuals to acknowledge the wellbeing and emotions of others.

After learning about Dossey’s experience and the idea of the one mind, it is easy to apply it to my own actions.  I constantly find myself wanting to do nice things for other people, but do not understand why I subconsciously do this.  It is something that I have been trying to understand myself because I do not make these behavioral decisions in hope that they will be reciprocated, but instead choose them because it makes me feel good.  I believe that this can be explained by the idea that a collective consciousness unites all people together.  Because we are all connected we are able to gain happiness by seeing other people happy.  Therefore, if I do something for someone else and that makes them happy, I in return am happy myself.  It is not because I am thinking of good karma or have other intentions for doing these deeds, but instead I do them because I want to and no other explanation is needed.  By being able to relate this idea to my own life, I think it helps me believe in what Dr. Dossey is proposing in his book.

McNees, Brianna 2/19

This week I was interested in looking at those mediums that have made a career out of their ability to communicate with the dead.  To begin my research I googled the top mediums and Concertta Bertoldi and George Anderson were amongst the search results.  In looking further into their biographies and notable work that they have done as mediums, it was interesting to see the similiarties and differences between their career pathways.  Both mediums became aware of their abilities during their childhood.  George Anderson had his first experience with this type of phenomenon after he had had a near-death experience with the chicken pox at the age of six.  It all started when he started to see St. Joan of Arc and then later saw deceased relatives.  Concerttta Bertoldi did not have any significant experience that marked the start of these events, but at age eleven she was told that her brother was going to pass away early and she would not be able to have kids.

After having these experiences at a young age, they knew they were both different from any other person and embraced these abilities.  Later in life they began to share these abilities with others and soon gained fame within society for it.  Both mediums are distinguished throughout the country and have appeared on various talk shows, interviews and have published multiple top-selling books on the topics.  After further exploration, it was shocking to see the business side of being a medium.  On George Anderson’s personal website, they list the different services that are available to the public to sign up for.  These included personal, group and telephone reading sessions.  These sessions ranged anywhere from $400-$1200.  This surprised me that the cost was so high because this was a skill that others have, but have not been exploited to this extent.

After speaking with the mediums in class on Monday and learning more about Bertoldi and Anderson, it is interesting to me that they are able to start this form of communication right on the spot.  In an interview, Anderson stated that opening up and beginning these conversations took a lot of concentration on his end.  Therefore, I was surprised when he was able to communicate with multiple people on national television where there are many distractions in the room.  It is because of this that I started to question the legitimacy of these individuals.  How is it that they are able to connect with so many individuals on the spot?  Is it a performance or is it authentic?