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This week I continued my journey of looking into children’s experiences of past lives.  I found a Paranormal Documentary called “The Ghost Inside My Child.”  The documentary followed three children and their parents’ through their journey of living their current life and their past lives.  One of the children felt that he had died in WWII, another child felt that she had died in the Oklahoma City bombing, and another child felt that he had died in the terrorist attacks on 9/11.  I focused my attention on the child who had visions of WWII and the child who had memories of dying in the Oklahoma City bombing.

James, a child from Lafayette, Louisiana started having nightmares around the age of 2 years old.  He would thrash around screaming about a “airplane crash, on fire, little man can’t get out.” When his parents asked him about the event, James explained to them that he was shot down by the Japanese.  The boat that his plane had taken off from was called Natoma, which was an American ship (USS Natoma Bay).

When James was three, he started doing drawings of the plane that he had been on the day he died.  He also claimed that he had flown a Corsair and that his name had been James. James’ dad then took it upon himself to research people who had been killed aboard the USS Natoma Bay.  He discovered that there was only one person who had died aboard the USS Natoma Bay and his name was, in fact, James Huston Jr.  James’s mother then called the sister of James Huston to see if she would send any pictures to their house.  This was when they found out that before James Huston Jr. flew from Natoma Bay he used to fly a Corsair.  James’s story finally had full validity.

To help James make a distinction between his two lives, his family held a memorial service for him in the spot where he died.  It was very emotional for the present James.  However, his parents have noticed a difference in him since they held the memorial service.  He has finally been freed of his past life.

The second kid from the video was named Carson.  Even since she was 5 years old, Carson felt that she had died in the Oklahoma bombings.  She talked about a man who pretended to be nice but was actually bad and how he drove a van into a building, killing many. The hardest thing for Carson was not that she had died, but that she was separated from her original family.  She wanted more than anything to visit her “real” mother.

Now, Carson is 12 years old and has visited the Oklahoma City memorial.  When she visited, she finally got some closure.  She went with her current mother and they talked about the memorial, the significance, and Carson finally was able to visit “home.”  The two of them stood there and cried for a long time, sharing this experience together.  Since this moment in Carson’s life, she has started 7th grade and has not mentioned the Oklahoma City bombings in months.

I found both of these stories very compelling.  The other night I was speaking to my roommate about reincarnations and whether or not we believed in them.  She was dead set on not believing and never believing.  After hearing these two stories, I feel that there is a possibility that it could be real.  I struggle with the idea of children suffering through reincarnation.  That does not seem like a positive learning and growing experience for either the child or the family. In order to grow as a new individual and for the soul to experience new things, the past life needs to separate from the present.  Overall, to help the children’s psychological well-being I felt that closure was the most important.  Both the parents and the children needed to be on board with the experience of saying goodbye to the past life so that they can all move forward together


This week, instead of doing a reading or watching YouTube videos, I decided to visit Crazy Wisdom.  I originally hoped to get an intuitive reading done, but ultimately I got a tarot card reading (those may be the same, I just had no idea). There were three decks on the table and she told me to pick the deck that was calling to me.  Then, I shuffled the deck until I felt that it was time to stop. Once I stopped shuffling, she took the first seven cards that were on the top of the deck and set them in front of me.

I chose the set of cards that had fairies on them. My first card had a picture of a Queen on it.  According to her reading, this meant that traditional values and stability was part of my personality.  The next card was of a leprechaun, who is somebody who fleets back and forth giving gifts.  She said this means that while I may be traditional and do my own hard work, I should be accepting of gifts or moments of instability.  I would agree with this assessment of my personality.  I think that I am very traditional and stable.  I also think that I should try harder to accept what others offer me.

The next card that I can remember is the Grim Reaper.  I will admit that it was rather jarring when that card was laid down.  She had two interpretations of it.  There was one that meant that I needed to accept upcoming change.  That it would be headed my way and that I should embrace it.  The other option would be that death is behind me.  I hope that both of those readings would be true.  Admittedly, it mostly made me nervous that death is ahead of me.

The seven cards are supposed to tell a tale from beginning to end.  When I reached my 7th card, it symbolized the avoidance of deception.  She told me to avoid deceptive people in my life and stay true to myself.  However, the reader felt that this did not complete my life story properly, so she made me draw another card.  Ultimately, I ended with the green lady who is supposed to represent wholeness with oneself and with nature, which made a happier and more complete tarot card reading.

I found the experience interesting.  I liked the idea that the cards that were supposed to end up with me, would.  What she said did fit with my current journey, being that I am a senior and am looking at big changes.  However, I feel that the concepts were very broad, making it so that they could easily be relevant for anybody.  What I found the most interesting was the grim reaper.  I had been talking to my mom about how, based on my life experiences, I feel that I am a grim reaper.  She had been debating with me that I was, in fact, a guardian angel.  It was a bit eerie for me to get the Grim Reaper under those circumstances then.  Overall, I would say it was a fun experience but I do not think that tarot card readings are very personal or accurate.

Life Before Life 3.26.14

After class on Monday, I decided that I really had no opinion on previous lives and the idea of re-incarnation.  Honestly, I hadn’t thought of it before.  The extent of my thoughts on re-incarnation stopped at the episode of Friends where Phoebe believes that her mother has returned to earth to live out her days as a cat.  It’s a funny episode, where she makes a heartwarming speech about missing her mother and finding comfort in re-incarnation, but I never had thought of it seriously.

My family always talked about how people who passed in our family were watching over us as guardian angels.  Never had I considered the idea that they could be back on earth walking amongst us just leading a different life.  So, I chose to stick to the schedule and read Life Before Life by Jim B. Tucker.  From what I have learned so far in this class, people are given a choice when they go up to heaven.  A story in the Life Before Life book that represents this choice is with Kenny.  Kenny passed away as a child but was escorted back to earth shortly afterwards.  He was told that he had to come back to help families who wanted a child.  This is a beautiful representation of the recycling of souls for the good of all.

What I found challenging to read were the stories of unhappy children being returned to earth.  One child’s original family died in a car accident.  One night at dinner, when they had guests over, he cried and screamed about how his real family was dead.  From what we’ve learned about spirits, the reason they would come back would be to grow.  They had not yet finished their learning experience here on earth, so they have returned. Now, if they are being returned, the benefit of remembering their past life would be to expand upon whatever knowledge they had acquired.  However, it seems counter-productive to me for them to want to go back to their original families.  This child who screamed and carried on about not belonging to a family is stuck.  What would the advantage of that be?

Finally, in Chapter 8 there was a story of Bobby Hodges from North Carolina.  Bobby spent a lot of time talking about being in his Aunt Susan’s belly.  He remembered wanting to get born, but never being born because the other baby had blocked him.  After an altercation between him and one of his cousins over this event, it came out that he knew of a family secret.  His aunt had a miscarriage many years’ back involving twins.  It was decided that one of the twins managed to block the blood flow by rolling over the umbilical cord, killing one twin, and due to the shared circulation, they both died.   This story amazed me, honestly.  Children have such an innocent and honest perception of the world that I just feel that they would not be able to make it up.  That being said, I struggle with the idea of re-incarnation.  I have a hard time understanding the purpose of re-incarnation.  With data from children, it certainly makes the argument for re-incarnation more believable for me.


3/19 The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

Charles Eisenstein starts his book “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible” with deep insight, setting the tone up for the rest of the book.  He acknowledges the differences between the time when he was growing up and the present.  He describes yesteryear as being a more simple time.  Now, all society yearns for are answers.  Everything needs to have a reason, a purpose, and an explanation. Why do things all happen?  Forces.  Hormones can explain love and thought occurs by electrochemical impulse.  If we continue with this argument, then honestly, all we need to do is live, reproduce, and pass on our genes. The author then goes into an explanation about the separation between the basic human being (one that follows their temptations and lives solely to reproduce) and those who accept a higher power. The people who pursue higher things are those who use discipline to deny themselves of the things of the flesh.  This makes them “otherworldly” and separate.  These two different groups of people, between them is a gap. There is that of this world, and that of a higher power.

If we are only defined by scientific purposes, then why create social networks?  Why have a goal in life?  Why do we do anything other than reproduce and die?  The author suggests that there are essentially two different categories: essentially Neanderthals and those who detach themselves from the flesh and believe in a higher power, giving them purpose.  While I did like that there were these two different categories, I see it more as a spectrum.  There are the basic needs and there is spirituality (away from the egocentric self).  I think each person in existence falls somewhere in between those two extremes.  Overall, I liked the author’s argument that if we only rely on science, our purpose for life is very narrow.  However, with the inclusion of spirituality, our purpose for living broadens.

In a chapter on cynicism, the author addresses the current approach to spiritualism.  The story of life is now shown through a “meta” filter because our generation is discontent with the original story.  Instead of simply accepting our life cycle and living it, we look at it through an ironic lens. An example he gives is that this generation/time tends to question that which is not done by a credible source.  The author criticizes this, saying that only Dr. Eben Alexander, somebody credible in the realm of science, is able to tell us of his spiritual experience.  We question instead of simply believing.

I agree with the author’s explanation to some extent.  I do believe that the current generation is very meta.  We pride ourselves on figuring out how things work.  We need an explanation for anything – and we want it at our fingertips (I blame Google Search for this).  We have been beaten to death about finding reliable sources for papers, so we hope to apply that to real life.  So yes, we may be obsessed with finding credible sources.  However, I would say that our generation is more open-minded than others.  We are less prejudicial and we are interested.  So with the right guidance, we too can become believers.


One Mind 3.11.14

“One Mind” by Larry Dossey discusses how the mind is part of a larger, whole consciousness.  Currently, the scientific explanation of consciousness it only can exist within the brain.  When the body dies, the brain dies too, meaning that consciousness dies with the brain.  However, Larry Dossey, through his book explains how consciousness possibly could survive the death of a physical body.

One of my biggest fears is flying.  I hate everything about flying, the possibility of falling, the possibility of death, all of it.  In light of me needing to fly to and from spring break and the recent missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, I have been very aware of my mortality in regards to planes.  “One Mind” references a few examples that include airplanes. One of which was the story of the Insistent Friend.  A friend who had a dream about an airplane going down the night before their friend was supposed to board Air France Flight 447.  In the description of the story, the story literally held down his friend until he could no longer make the plane.  Immediately following the crash, the man who had dreamt of the accident accurately predicted it and saved his friend’s life.

Later in the book there is a chapter dedicated to downed planes and sunken ships.  There are individuals called dowsers who have this talent for “remote viewing.”  This is when somebody can get information about a target from a distance. The target can be metal, underground water, along with other objects.  A story in the book discusses how the American Society of Dowsers helped find a stolen harp.  The dowser mentally searched for a harp within the owner’s area, and then gave the street names of where the harp would be located.  With the dowser’s help, the harp was successfully located and returned to the original owner.

Larry Dosser, through his stories, shows many different encounters/tales that give evidence or at least insight into the mind and its amazing capabilities.  He argues through these different stories that there is one human consciousness and it is a singular entity.  The mind is not necessarily just held within the brain, it is more fluid and powerful than that.  Through stories of these people who have visions of the future or who are able to locate missing items, it shows that the mind is more capable than science has claimed.

I like the idea of one mind; I feel that it offers insight into this higher consciousness, of dowsers or those who can see into the future.  I also think that after learning about this, I have hope for those who disappeared between Malaysia and Beijing on the Malaysian flight.  I hope that those searching the area are utilizing these different levels of consciousness to find the missing plane.  The only problem I see with these tales is that they are stories; they did not have a strong scientific background, which makes them less credible, though still amazing.

Feb. 19: Victoria Wolcott

This week, I chose to explore the different psychics that I could find on YouTube in order to compare them to one another.  I managed to stumble upon a pair of twins named Linda and Terry Jamison, otherwise known as the psychic twins.  The two of them have, like many other twins, felt that they have a special connection, however theirs has always gone much deeper than most.  Their biggest predictions have been of the 9/11 terrorist attacks about 2 years before it happened, the prediction of both Bush’s holding office, that JFK Jr. would die by plane, and the US stock market crashes within the week of the actual occurrence. In a video of them that I found, there were excerpts of their writing where they predicted 9/11.  In their notes, they have the words “World Trade Center, Bin Laden, 5,000 perish.” The two sisters use automatic writing to channel their energies and record their information.  Before 9/11, they tried to warn the government of the terrorist attack, but the government did not take them seriously.  However, after it happened, they were deemed a threat and the FBI shut down every website that they had with their prediction on it.

Sylvia Browne, on the other hand, was a psychic that the authorities trusted and utilized to solve murders.  While she was able to solve many murders along the way, there were several instances where she was very wrong.  One of which is in the case of Amanda Berry.  Many years ago, Amanda Berry’s mother came on the Dontell Williams show and asked for a reading.  Sylvia Browne said that unfortunately Amanda Berry had passed and her mother would only see her again on the other side.  Fortunately (for Amanda Berry) Sylvia Browne predicted incorrectly, and she has since been discovered alive.  While Sylvia may have gotten that part of the story wrong, she was correct about her description of the man who abducted Amanda.  Sylvia Browne described him as being a short, stout, Hispanic man and she was correct about that.

Overall, I found all three psychics to have compelling stories.  All three psychics had a relationship, albeit a complicated one, with the authorities.  I think, similar to myself, the authorities are wary of psychic abilities, but they do not want to be the ones who fail to prevent a death because they do not believe.  If there is a chance that the psychic would be able to find a missing person, why not use that skill for good?  On the other hand, an incorrect prediction of whether or not a person is dead or alive could be devastating for the family.  I am still deciding how I feel about this.  There were too many inconsistencies for me to believe whole-heartedly, but these psychics have definitely captured my attention.