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FEB 12th-Schwartz Response

The Afterlife Experiments by Gary Schwartz is a very interesting book that covers possibilities of an afterlife. The first two sections are of particular interest to me because evidence was provided in regards to mediumship. The capabilities of the mediums in the two first sections were astonishing and breathtaking. In the first section, Schwartz meets two mediums, Laurie and Susy. These mediums appear to be trained by renowned dead psychologists and are informed to meet with Schwartz. Susy was taught by James William, a renowned scientist that was conducting research for twenty years on psychical abilities. Laurie was taught by James Maxwell, a renowned Scottish scientist that was also conducting research in parapsychology. Schwartz brought Susy and Laurie together and asked each person to do a specific request. He asked Susy to communicate with the dead about drawing a picture. Susy asked a dead person for an image and color, then she drew the pictures. She drew four pictures and a fifth as a control. Laurie had to communicate with the dead to identify these pictures. Laurie wrote down exact details of the pictures. After Laurie was done, she and the scientists attempted to draw the pictures without looking at the details and again with looking at the written details. After drawing the pictures, it was apparent that they were not able to guess the pictures that Susy drew. However, after reading the details and drawing the pictures, they were correct five out five pictures. In the second section, HBO contacted Schwartz and informed him of a special that they wanted to perform. The special involved testing if there is an afterlife and whether mediums had true abilities. Schwartz gathered five renowned mediums that seemed to have abilities and a sitter. HBO attained a second sitter. The mediums and sitters were all kept separate from each other so that no communication could occur. The first sitter, Pat, was placed on an EKG and brain wave monitor to show any energy wave movements between the sitter and the medium. The mediums did an astounding job that was frighteningly successful. They were able to sense that Pat’s son had committed suicide with a gun and that she had a dog, among other details. Two mediums talked with the second sitter, Ronnie. Both mediums were able to sense very detailed examples that were informative. Ultimately, these are truly amazing examples of mediumship. Yet, the research conducted could have given better results if the medium and sitter were not kept close to each other and if the sitter didn’t answer any questions. It would have been fascinating to see the abilities of the mediums when there is no reaction from the sitter.