The Eagle and the Rose: A Remarkable True Story By Rosemary Altea

This is an autobiography by Rosemary Altea, an internationally renound spiritual medium. In this book she entails her life as a medium and her journey towards seeing her abilities as a gift as opposed to a curse. I decided to reading this book because I had I looked up some videos of mediums on YouTube and found some that made me respect Rosemary Altea as a medium as she seemed very humble and truthful. Here are some of the clips I am referring to

Like I said, after watching more of these types of videos I felt that Rosemary Altea seemed to be very genuine and truthful about her abilities so I decided to check out her autobiography. She starts by sharing that these abilities have been with her, her entire life. She also explains that, from her knowledge, her grandmother was very much like her, only her grandmother died thinking that she was mentally ill suffering from something like schizophrenia. Therefore growing up was particularly difficult as Rosemary parents were not very loving or supportive and would get mad whenever she would have a “bad dream.” or something of that matter. In fact when Rosemary would say anything weird, like something she couldn’t know her mother would get mad and say that she would be sent to “the Towers” a mental institution if she didn’t stop it. Therefore Rosemary grew up never telling anyone of her other life, and ability to see things that no one else could see from fear that she was crazy.

However when Rosemary was about 30 her powers became stronger and stronger and even though she tried to hide them one night it all came out. Her friend had been seeing her struggling financially as a single mother so she insisted that Rosemary spend the night out with her. Ironically, or not so ironically, her friend took her to a demonstration and talk on tarot cards. It was in this small home in the middle of nowhere where Rosemary first shared her experiences with the paranormal. It was also there that she had her first experience working as a medium in trance.

Another video I found before reading this book was of skeptics analyzing Rosemary readings:

These people were trying to prove what mediums do isn’t from to any sort of special abilities but foreknowledge. What I found interesting about this was it shows you anyone will see what he or she wants to see, skeptic or not.

– Genevieve Wang

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