The Afterlife Experiment Response


This is a story of a respected scientists journey from skepticism to awe as he investigates the question of life after death.  This book devotes a lot of time to painting a vivid picture of the experiments Gary Schwartz and Dr. Linda Russek conducted, however what I want to discuss in detail is appendix b “the energy is love” where Schwartz describes love as a bioelectric energy and discusses the role love has in motivating people to seek contact with a departed loved one though a medium.  In this chapter he also discusses the importance of the heart and cardiac energy, and the nature of love and its role in the universe.  Here I will go more into Schwartz’ investigation of love as a bioelectric energy.


In the beginning of this chapter the Schwartz reveals his motivation for conducting these experiments was largely because he was drawn to human beings remarkable capacity to love.  But with this relationship between love and the living soul a fundamental question arises.  If it is true that we all have souls and that these persist beyond death do all of our emotions such as love also continue after we die?


Schwartz starts to answer this question by discussing the complex nature of love and its role in human relationships.  One particular observation of loves complex nature was interesting because it pertained directly to the studies if mediums this book accounts.  This observation was simply of the attractive force of love.  Weather it be physical, emotion, mental, or spiritual this attraction is widely experienced and accepted.  Following this observation Schwartz investigates it by asking: if some people experience an energetic relationship between themselves and the ones that they love can love be more related to science then initially thought?  Researchers at the Human Energy Systems Lab believe so as they theorize that the behavior of love is similar to gravity and thus can be studied as a bioelectromagnitic energy capable of surpassing boundaries like death.  Considering that those that seek the help of a medium do so typically because they desperately what to hear from someone they truly loved caused Schwartz to theorize that love may be the mechanism mediums use to speak to those on the other side.


This view of love and explanation for how mediums are able to connect with those who have past away was particularly intriguing to me because it made me thing of dark energy. Dark energy, as it pertains to the cosmos, is a hypothetical form of energy that permeates all of space and is causing the universe to accelerate its expansion.  I will admit this doesn’t sound a lot like love, but the two are similar in the sense that we know little about them.  All we know about dark energy is that it is everywhere, so powerful that it is stronger then the force of gravity holding the universe together, and utterly invisible; we only know about it because there has to be something causing the universe to exponentially expand.  Love has many of the same attributes as dark energy it is everywhere, so powerful that it may be what is allowing mediums to transcend the boundaries of physical death, and invisible to us apart from its manifestations in the physical world.  My point in saying all this is not two hypothesize that dark energy and love are the same force but instead, while point out how little we know, also considering that there many be more cohesiveness and proof for “the impossible” then we could ever imagine.

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