Osiniecka – Feb 19

Izzie Osiniecka


Joseph Gallenberger: Brothers Forever

            Brothers Forever is a story of Joseph Gallenberger and his journey to contact his beloved brother Pete after Pete’s suicide. The book describes their life, their relationship, and the spiritual world. Though Joseph contacts his brother a few times, the time that I found most important was the last channeling session Joseph has with Pete. During this session the medium describes how Pete’s soul is buoyant, free, angelic, and sweet (much different from the way Pete was during the later half of his life). The medium comments that Joseph can communicate with Pete better now because Joseph has let go of his guilt and sadness. Next, the medium comments that Pete is finally getting out of his hell, and will probably reincarnate to a better life than he had before. Next, Joseph learns about Pete’s separation from work (Pete was a very hard worker during his life, though this never paid off for him). Apparently, people have a consciousness for work and the experience of work will lead to toil and disappointment; this must have been why Pete had such a rough life. Next, the medium sees an image of a firefly, though neither she nor Joseph understand the meaning, and it is never revealed/explained. Following this image, Pete tells Joseph that during his physical life he had a chemical imbalance, so all his suffering was unavailable. Finally, the session ends with the medium saying Pete is now free; he understands that he has choice in the plans he draws up for the lives he leads. Pete flies away into the freedom of the nonphysical.

This is only a glimpse of the story, and I feel that I have not done it justice. However, this book was amazing and by far my favorite that I have read this semester, so I do recommend that everyone get a chance to read it. It was very interesting to hear someone who is not 100% sure of his abilities take a journey into the spirit realm to be able to be able to connect to his brother. It was also interesting to hear the story of someone who was having a reading done by a medium instead of just from a medium him/herself. I know that the author believes in everything that happened in the book. As always, I am a bit skeptical, though I do believe that Joseph and Pete did have an interesting connection that could not be stopped by death.

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