I know the purpose of this paper is to write about mediums and give a testimony to their stories, but then I ran across This is a website giving testimony that psychics are sane, but then that brought up the question in my mind, what if they are just insane?. To play devil’s advocate, mediums claim that everyone has the ability to have psychic connections but they ignore the feelings and that all people can read others but we don’t tap into our “spiritual connections”. I would like to debate this claim. I think all people can sense the energy of someone else but this doesn’t mean they have psychic abilities. Humans have the innate ability to know when they’re around good people and bad people, or when they’re making the wrong or right decision. It’s called intuition, or a gut feeling, and my mom always told me to trust those. I have been in many situations or been around people when I have a deep feeling that I shouldn’t be there or that the person I’m around isn’t good news. In Christian terms.. I would attribute this to God or the concept of knowing what path we’re on and following His will. There are definitely times when I know I’m supposed to do something so I do it and it starts a chain reaction of good things that happen. I also think we know when to make moves in our lives. Melissa said she knew when to buy a ticket to Brazil because of her psychic abilities, but I think all humans have this capability if we tap into our deeper selves.

I am a skeptic. I love the idea that people we love are around us as spirits- as angels. But many mediums don’t phrase it this way. They say spirits come back to say hi or ask deep questions about a persons life until they get a hint of information they can you.

This link is about a man who admitted to being a fake because his conscience couldn’t take it anymore.

This is a video of a fake psychic on Dr. Oz which is a reputable  show.

I disagree with mediums who say that all people can talk to the dead. I think there are angels and demons within our realm that are there to protect us and tempt us with sin and when we lead strong spiritual lives whether by a specific religion or just spirituality, we can more easily feel those beings.

The concept of angels who are around to protect me makes me happy. The concept that there are human beings just like me that claim they can see or hear peoples loved ones who have died, bring me an extremely negative feeling. I don’t think anyone’s memories should be tainted or changed and I especially don’t think it’s right to falsely make claims about speaking to someone’s deceased.

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