2/19 Medium Biographies

Eileen J. Garrett is said to have been one of the most influential mediums of the 20th century. Garrett was born in 1893 in Beauparc, County Meath, Ireland. Her aunt and uncle adopted her and raised her after her mother and father committed suicide when she was very young. Different from the mediums that came to class on Monday, Garrett claims that she tended to see light and energy around people, along with sensing them and feeling them too. Growing up, Garrett had many playmates, who she referred to as “the children.” According to Garrett, she didn’t have to do anything special to make the children appear — they just would. And they would only be visible to Garrett.

One of Garrett’s first experiences happened when she was very young. Garrett saw her favorite aunt walking down the street, holding a baby. When Garrett reached her aunt, her aunt said to her, “I am going away now and I must take the baby with me.” Garrett thought this was a little strange, and went back to her adoptive aunt to tell her the story. Garrett’s adopted aunt didn’t believe her and punished her for making up this crazy story. The next day, Garrett’s favorite aunt died in childbirth, as did the baby.

After this experience, Garrett became interested in life and death and what happens after. She would perform experiments on her aunt’s baby ducklings — killing them to try to understand what happened to their energies and spirits afterward.

Garrett’s most well known experience was in 1930 with the British plane, the R101. Garrett sensed that the plane was going to crash and so she told the Director of Civil Aviation. Of course, he did not believer her, and shortly after, he died along with 45 others. Two days after the crash, flight lieutenant and captain H.C. Irwin communicated through Garrett a detailed explanation of why the plane crashed. Experts later said that what Garrett communicated was the same conclusion that famous naval architect E.R. Spanner came to in his book about the crash.

Later, Garrett founded the Parapsychology Foundation in 1951, which is thought to be one of her greatest achievements. She died from bone cancer on September 15, 1970.


For my next biography, I wanted to find a more current medium. Rebecca Rosen is a 37 year-old wife and mother, residing in Denver, Colorado. Rebecca grew up in a household where there was never any talk about psychics or mediums. When Rebecca was 20 years old, a sophomore at the University of Florida, she suffered from severe depression. After struggling alone for quite some time, she told her parents about her feelings and shortly after began antidepressants. Yet after 6 months on the antidepressants, she still felt the same. She decided to go off the medicine.

Still suffering from depression years later, Rebecca found an “angel board,” which she describes as similar to a Ouija board. One night, Rebecca brought the board into her room and claims her deceased grandma spoke to her and told her to watch the candle behind her. When Rebecca turned around, she noticed that her candle was dripping wax all over the floor.

Shortly after this incident, Rebecca, still suffering from depression, went to a bookstore to write in her journal. At the bookstore, Rebecca felt her grandma communicating through her hand and onto the page — something Rebecca describes as “automatic writing.” She took up 15 pages in her journal with her grandma’s stories that only her father would know. When Rebecca went home to show her father, he couldn’t believe it. He confirmed it must be his mother.

Rebecca’s grandma took her life when Rebecca was 11. She too was depressed. She explained to Rebecca that she needed to help so that what happened to her would not happen to her granddaughter.

When Rebecca was able to love herself, according to her grandma, she’d meet her lover. The clues she had were that his name would be Ryan, he’d give her a rose and his birthday would be September 24.

Once Rebecca was healthy, she was introduced to Brian Rosen, who she married shortly after. Rebecca interprets his name as “Rian Rose” if you eliminate the first and last letters, as the clues her grandma gave her. Rebecca now feels as though it is her job to help others connect with their loved ones when they need them most. She is a full time medium and has appeared on many TV Shows.


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