Feb. 19 Paper

Liana Rosenbloom

PSCH 401—Mann

18 February 2014

John Holland and Allison DuBois

In order to more fully grasp the practices of mediums, their opinions of their work and what they view their personal role in people’s lives to be, I explored the personal stories of both John Holland and Allison DuBois.  Holland, author of Spirit Whisperer, and DuBois, author of Don’t Kiss Them Good-Bye, shed an interesting and important light on the work of mediums and how they came to explore their abilities.

In Spirit Whisperer, Holland explains a few important aspects of his life that have influenced his work as a medium.  He notes that as a child he was always “hungry for knowledge,” and was slightly different than other children.  His abilities were brought to the forefront during a “sitting in circle” session, which he describes as a meeting for psychic development between like-minded people.  He also references a nearly fatal car accident he survived at the age of 30, explaining that this near-death experience also enhanced his spirituality and passion for his work as a medium.  Finally, he emphasizes this importance of seven principles of spiritualism from the Spiritualists National Union (SNU).  He puts a strong emphasis on the fact that working with these spiritual principles (such as the fatherhood of God, existence of the human soul and personal responsibility) has a strong impact on one’s ability to both process and come to terms with information from the other side.

DuBois does similar work to Holland, focusing on spirituality and the departed, noting on her website that she, “prides [herself] on accuracy and bringing closure to people who have lost loved ones.”  In a video FAQ (http://www.allisondubois.com/index.php/faq), she explains that one of the ways in which she does this is working with those who have lost a child and helping them cope with this loss.  She notes that when she “brings children through,” they are often still attached to their favorite things about childhood (their room, being with their family in their home, etc.) and often ask her to tell their parents that they are okay.  She explains that many parents feel as sense of guilt when they lose their child, regardless of the cause, and she sees her work as a way to connect parents with their child again, spiritually, and help the parents come to terms with their loss.

In general, I am still somewhat skeptical of mediums, but I think it is primarily out of shock.  Both Holland and DuBois have long standing records of accuracy, and I find it hard to believe, but also hard to dispute.  Whether they are “frauds” or are truly communicating with those on the other side, I can imagine that I would find comfort in a reading with them.  To that end, I think it is beneficial that they are using what they see as their connection with the other side, and their spirituality, to bring comfort to those who have lost their loved ones.

Link to John Holland’s website: http://johnholland.com/

Link to Allison’s website: http://www.allisondubois.com/

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