Feb 19th (Steve Nagle)

Helen Greaves “Testimony Of Light”

This book was interesting because rather than a biography it was the account of one single event of communicating with the dead. Helen Greaves and Fances Banks were good friends and spiritual companions in life to the point where they believe that they had developed their own form of telepathy. When Frances passed away, Helen claimed that they were able to maintain their telepathic connection and that she was able to communicate with Frances while she was “on the other side.” The book “Testimony of Light” details many of Helen’s telepathic interactions in which Frances describes what she is going through on the other side. One interesting aspect of this is that Frances talks often reincarnation, which is odd considering both woman are Christian and believe that Frances is in the Christian heaven. The author refutes this by asserting that reincarnation was always part of the catholic faith that was phased out in the middle ages.

During their many communications Frances details many aspects of the afterlife. Frances’ description of the afterlife is much different than what we have come to know. The afterlife that Frances finds herself in still involves a great deal of work and is not necessarily kind to everyone. Frances describes many souls how have been sent to the shadow or a hell like state for their actions during life. According to Frances upon arriving in the afterlife one is given two “blueprints” one which describes what life could have been and one which describes what their life was. According to Frances this process involved a lot of guilt for many as their actual lives didn’t live up to potential.

This is not to say that heaven was totally negative in this description. Frances describes a garden of light and a web of light protection to be used as souls continue their work in the afterlife. I thought this description of the afterlife was interesting because it delt with a lot more personal accountability and punishment than the others. That is not to say it is not appealing though. I find myself a little drawn to the idea that there is still work to be done in the afterlife, because in my mind just getting absorbed into a being of light seems a bit boring.



For my second medium i found this interview with chip coffe famous television medium (psychic kids)

Its from some VERY low budget youtube show so its a bit poorly done , but the interview that starts at about 6 minutes with Chip is fairly interesting. He talks a alot about what it is to be a medium in modern society, a discussion that i found very interesting

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