Feb 19 – Allison Dubois

For this week, I grabbed one of Professor Mann’s books that happened to be about Allison Dubois. Allison Dubois is the woman who inspired the TV show Medium. I have always had an interest in this show and wondered how much of it was taken from Dubois’s actual experiences as a medium. Thus, the reading of her book, “Don’t Kiss Them Good-bye,” was so interesting for me.

Dubois described that as a child, her psychic experiences were confusing and somewhat scary. She explained seeing spirits and sensing an overwhelming amount of energy around her. In order to comfort herself, she decorated her room with stuffed animals and focused on the concrete rather than her abstract experience. However, she had voices, or as she called them “guides,” telling her to trust in the fact that she was different from others and would someday make a difference in the world.

When she was only six, Allison had her first true experience with the other side. After the death of her grandfather, he visited her and told her that he was okay. She relayed this information to her mother who feigned belief and turned the other way. Allison knew that her mother didn’t truly believe her and thus chalked up her remarkable experience to an overactive imagination.

However, after a lonely adolescence, Dubois began to harness and believe in her abilities. She interned at the homicide bureau and began using her talents to help families track down perpetrators of crimes (mostly with abducted children). She explains how it is easier to get information about a crime from the perpetrator rather than the victim because perpetrators run on adrenaline and process their crime solely in their minds. The victims on the other hand are processing the crime emotionally and it is harder to decode their confusion. She speaks about how draining it is to work on these cases due to the emotional investment and the flood of information she receives about each specific crime.

Allison’s story is fascinating. When she assists with a crime, she does not ask for a cent. She does not believe that her abilities are infallible and stresses the importance of good police work and DNA evidence. Although some of the information I have come across about mediums makes me doubt the practice, Allison’s work makes me more of a believer. She is so genuine and has only the best interest of the family’s of victims at heart. Dubois does whatever she can for police investigations when she is asked and has helped to solve countless crimes and to get the right people behind bars. I recommend Allison’s book to all skeptics because what she does is truly amazing.

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