One Mind – March 12th

Izzie Osiniecka

Psych 401


One Mind by Larry Dossey

            I really enjoy this book and Dossey’s concept of the One Mind. I think that this book goes along very well with what The Dali Lama is trying to teach us through his book, The Art of Happiness. Both authors are teaching us that we need to be more considerate of authors, and this will lead to love and happiness. I think the concept of the One Mind, the fact that we are a all connected on a different dimensional level, makes a lot of sense. This would explain how people can read others so well, how psychics and mediums work, how people’s minds are connected. I also think that this is very compassion, empathy, and sympathy stem from. If everyone learns about and taps into the One Mind, I think our world will overall improve. I would be interested in practicing tapping into the One Mind, maybe together as a class one day.

I also found the chapter about love being a way to tap into the One Mind very compelling. Love is a way to tap in because love gets rid of isolation, separateness, and (the bad type of) individuality. Love allows us to blur our own identities and connect to each other. I also particularly agreed with his notion that love can change the physical world, which should really be common sense. We are literally born from the love of two parents. Dossey provided some good examples of how emotionally bonded people can affect physical objects. I think everyone should learn to be more loving so we can all reap the benefits of being interconnected through the One Mind.

Chapter 3 on One Mind experiences described some interesting occurrences that I think we can all relate to. I am sure we have all had a gut feeling that told us to do or not do something, a feeling we could not explain, and after listening to that feeling something terrible was avoided. For example, Dossey shares a story of a man from America that was in Nicaragua on business and had a strange urge to suddenly leave. This man ended up avoiding a major earth quake that would have killed him. It does not have to be that extreme though. It could simply be a feeling that compels you to take a different street when walking home, and running into an old friend. I know this has happened to me a few times. Another interesting story shared by Doessy was of a woman who had a feeling that her son was in danger then all of a sudden had a string of numbers pop into her head. She called the number and ended up being connected to an emergency room, where her son had just been taken in after being in a car accident. Though there is always the argument that things are coincidences, I think Dossey’s explanation of the One Mind should not be disregarded. Odd occurrences aside, the One Mind would explain why we feel a special connection to certain people, and are moved by the humanity of all.

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