One Mind 3/12/14

Annie Dreisbach

“One Mind” Response

In “One Mind”, Dr. Larry Dossey describes a parallel connectedness that has been alluded to by intellectuals for many years. However, this realm has not been explored in depth or talked about specifically. We have been taught about the individual conscious, unconscious, subconscious, preconscious, but what about the level of consciousness that is all-encompassing and unconstrained by time? Dossey believes in the unity of souls through the One Mind, or common awareness through which we are all infinitely tied. He is not alone or revolutionary in his ideas. In fact, Ralph Waldo Emerson alludes to this interconnectedness when he says, “happiness is contagious…your happiness depends not just on your choices and actions, but also on the choices and actions of people you don’t even know who are one, two and three degrees removed from you.” In this quote, Emerson touches on something most people have experienced. When someone exhibits a behavior or mood, others pick up on that, and may be influenced to act in a similar manner. Therefore, disposition is not solely an individualistic choice or influence, but is rather a collective reflection. Thomas Edison also talked about collectivism when he said, “I have never created anything. I get impressions from the Universe at large and work them out, but I am only a plate on a record or a receiving apparatus—what you will. Thoughts are really impressions that we get from outside.” In this quote, Edison is contributing all of his inventions to a greater power from the Universe. He is not taking credit for himself, but is saying that he, like all of us, gets ideas from the outside.

In addition to the evidence that intellectuals like Emerson and Edison provide, implications of the One Mind come from many things, and Dossey’s book covers a lot of them. They include cases of shared thoughts and emotions with an individual who is not nearby. Dossey sites his experience with his twin brother as an example of this. This type of non-locality connection shows that consciousness is not just individual, but links us all at all times. There are also cases of communication between humans and nonhumans, large groups of animals behaving in coordinated ways, and finding lost objects through mental capacities alone. In addition, mediums communications with those who have past and near death experiences provide evidence of the One Mind.

The main reason Dossey wrote “One Mind” is to provide a way to eliminate greed, selfishness, and destruction. The individualism that most people emphasize today has made people act in ways that only benefit themselves. An example of this is how many people do not believe by taking an active role in helping the environment will make an impact worldwide. By emphasizing unity, people may become inspired to treat others

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