One Mind–Match 12

Liana Rosenbloom 

In his book, One Mind, Dr. Larry Dossey introduces readers to the concept of “one mind,” explores the different aspects of this theory, and expands on it in such a way that readers can utilize it in their daily lives.  This is done by explaining the stories of others, as well as scientific research on the topic, giving readers important insight into the theory.   He describes “a collective, unitary domain of intelligence, of which all individual minds are a part,” which he sees as a “potential way out of division, bitterness, selfishness, greed and destruction that threaten and engulf our world”.”

One of Dossey’s most powerful stories was in his chapter on “Communication with the Deceased,” about a young woman named Iris.  At only 15-years-old, Iris experienced an extreme personality change, after which she claimed to be a 41-year-old woman named Lucía Altarez de Salvio, who she said had recently passed away.  The two women came from extremely different backgrounds—Iris was from a well-educated, young girl from Hungary, and Lucía, a working-class woman who married young and worked multiple jobs to support 14 children.  Remarkably, as details of Iris’ “new personality” surfaced, it was found that she now spoke fluent Spanish.  Though Iris admitted to working experimenting with séance when she was younger, investigation indicated that this was not logically able to explain what she was experiencing, and also that ESP was not a proper explanation.  Scientists and doctors performed countless tests and analyses, and were unable to come up with a theory to support Iris’ new personalit, other than “One Mind.”

In addition to his work on “One Mind,” Dossey also does a fair amount of work on the power of prayer for healing purposes.  In this appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s Soul Series, he discusses the data, from both laboratories and actual hospital cases that show the incredible strength of prayer in health those in poor physical and mental health.  For me, personally, both of these excerpts from Dossey are extremely helpful as I move forward in my understanding of this material, and essentially, the knowledge I’ve acquired over the entire course of the semester.  Upon entering this course, spirituality did not play a huge part in my life, however, hearing stories like these open my mind to the immense power it has.  Theories like “One Mind,” and Dossey’s data on prayer’s healing powers, give me motivation to continue to develop my own personal spirituality, in whatever way suits me best.  I am beginning to gain a greater appreciation for the fact that while that not everyone’s story is exactly the same, the belief in spirituality and the desire to be a better person is what connects individuals to one another.

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