One Mind

One Mind

This book was so engaging because Dossey was able to connect such diverse fields as spirituality, quantum physics, medicine, altered states of consciousness, dreams, intuition, reincarnation, prayer, healing, basic sciences and more to explain the One Mind. According to Dossey his purpose for integrating all these fields was so that this One Mind “does not rise or fall on the basis of anyone of them but draws its strengths for the whole.”

From my observations this book is divided into four sections each dealing with a particular way in which the one mind leaves its tracks in human affairs. Part One: Glimpses of the One Mind gives us introductions to this concept of one consciousness Dossey starts to make the reader contemplate this One Mind by presenting us with many events that point to the existence of it. I personally was particularly intrigued by the jaw-dropping case histories of this One Mind though events that are hard to explain as mere chance. I particularly loved the story about the dog that traveled over 1000 miles crossing the US to reunite with his owner. This part asks the reader to ponder whether these incidences are just coincidence or something more.

The next section titled: Working with the One Mind discusses a lot of what we as a class have been learning about. Communication with the other side, near death experiences, reincarnation and countless more are discussed within this part. This I feel was the part of the book that is really dedicated a good amount to presenting evidence for the One Mind. In part three: Accessing the One Mind discusses how we can personally experience this One Mind though ordinary human experiences such as love. For me this part was mind blowing because it really put a spin on those things I take for granted. Rarely do we see mental illnesses as anything but mental illnesses however this section of the novel really makes you thing about ordinary life from a different and awe inspiring perspective. The last section: The Way Forward challenges the reader and science to embrace all the evidence Dossey presented. And the very last chapter pained a picture of what the world could be if all people embraced their deep ties to one another though this One Mind.

One part of the book I want to discuss a bit more is chapter 8: Atoms and Rats. In the beginning of this chapter Dossey quotes a Nobel Prize winner who once said “every thing that animals do, atoms do.” Which means, atoms being the foundations of what we all are made up, drive animal behavior. Then Dossey goes on to discuss how atoms work thought the field of quantum mechanics. In particular he discussed the theory of entailment, which is a property, all atoms share. Once in contact with one another atoms remain in contact no matter how far they are separated. That doesn’t sound so miraculous but this documentary might do a better job of explaining how crazy this really is ( In this chapter Dossey is once again asking us to question what we think we know with that we know; if atoms do these crazy things and we are all made of atoms then can we too do these crazy things?

– Genevieve Wang

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