One Mind and my own experience

Dossey’s Book, One Mind, acts as a kind of link between all of the elements of this course that we have discussed this semester. The idea of one interconnected consciousness, not 7 billion separate entities, starts to get at why certain people have abilities to unconventionally communicate with others that they have deep emotional connections with or people who have crossed over to the other side. Dossey’s argument stems from detailed medical, psychological, physical and spiritual research. He provides anecdotes as well as research-based examples to prove his theory about the One Mind we all share. I believe the multi-faceted, meticulous nature of Dossey argument leads me not only to respect his theory, but also to truly trust in it.

I cannot help but think about my own life experiences in relation to Dossey’s theory. What I may have chalked up to be mere coincidence before, I find myself going back to and reevaluating. For instance, I have always felt like my sister and I share a very unique, emotional connection. We always call each other at the same time, share the same references, and generally feel what each other is feeling or think what each other is thinking. One recent story came to mind the other day when I was thinking about the idea of universal consciousness. This past holiday season, my sister and I had decided to get gifts for one another. I had requested a ring and she wanted perfume. We shook on it, decided that it was a fair deal, and went on to do our holiday shopping. A few days later I told her that I had picked her up a little something extra. She laughed and said she had done the same. When it came to opening presents, my sister and I, opened the gifts we had promised each other first. When it came to the second gift, we could feel that we had each chosen to get each other a book. It turns out, we had both chosen Joan Didion novels. Both of our minds were momentarily blown! It seemed uncanny that we would both have the same inkling to get each other the exact same gift. Looking back on this occurrence, I cannot help but consider the possibility of unified consciousness. Dossey has pushed me to reconsider my own life and think about how this idea can contribute to how I treat and relate to others. Rather than always deduce that coincidence is mathematical or merely an illusion, I want to broaden my own paradigms of thought and challenge myself to believe that something more intrinsic to humanity is at work.

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