Response to Charles Eisenstein’s The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

This is going to be a summarization of what I thought was great about Charles Eisenstein’s book, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible rather than an interesting story from the book. First of all, he introduced a great way to talk about our current societal understanding of truth and the perspective from the One Mind. He labels the first the Old Story – the story about how we should live our lives so we can achieve conventional success driven by money and security. To contrast that, he talks about The New Story, which is the idea that we are all connected at a deep level, and individual happiness comes from sharing and caring for others. This concept is very much in line with what we read last week in One Mind.

I thought Eisenstein did a really good job describing the battle of having this radical viewpoint. In Chapter 4, he talks about Cynicism. He believes that “cynicism comes from a wound”, and ‘the derision of the cynic comes from a wound of crushed idealism and betrayed hopes.” Further more, he invites the reader to dig deep into the cynicism, if the reader happens to be very skeptical about this whole interconnectivity thing ; part of the cynicism comes from this little part inside you were you actually want to believe something to be true, but is scared to death that ‘buying’ it might result in a huge disappointment if it happened to be completely false. It’s safer to be cynical, and think that life is pointless – the bar is way lower to think that way.

He also accounts for if the reader isn’t skeptical about the topic – he believes that it is equally dangerous to just believe it. This is because over time, the more you think about the topic, that little bit of doubt will eventually seep into your conscious. “Skeptic and believer are not so different, as both are using belief to shelter a wound”.

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