“Doing” The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible By Charles Eisenstein

This world that we’re living in is so fast-paced. We have to have the fast working wireless internet, vehicles, messaging software, and much more. Everything is always so urgent that we sometimes forget to be in the moment.  We always have to be actively doing something in order to feel like we’re utilizing our time wisely.

In Charles Eisenstein’s chapter, “Doing,” he touches basis on how our concept of doing isn’t what’s best. “Here and now is never enough.” We’re constantly planning for the future. I have a physical planner, calendar apps, and Google calendar. When I don’t utilize those, I’m constantly taking mental notes of what I need to do. Although I’m always tired, I enjoy always having something to do on my schedule because I feel productive or that I’m using my time wisely. Although they hardly ever happen, it’s the days where I relax and lounge all day that I feel least productive. Despite this, these are times I have the opportunity to think. Not about where I’m supposed to be, or what I’m supposed to be doing but just think or allow my mind to wonder wherever it pleases. Eisenstein emphasizes that, “we tend to devalue those periods of pause, emptiness, silence and integration.” This is the concept of mindfulness.

With graduation around the corner for most of us, finalizing our plans for our life after UMich has become more pertinent. I find myself getting so caught up in what needs to be done instead cherishing these last few weeks of undergrad.  We won’t get these moments back. There’s no need to be urgent, because the time in undergrad has been fast enough. Live for the now. Doing nothing is not bad, but needed sometimes. Be in the now.

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