Charles Eisenstein’s The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

Reading The More Beautiful World reminds me a lot of a video I watched recently by a gentleman named Steven Molyneux. The very title of this book begs the question why don’t we realize how beautiful life as we know it really is, and how thankful we should all be just to simply be a live! ? There is one simple answer, we need to remind ourselves occasionally and that one day we are going to die. Sometimes people simply need to be looked in the eye and reminded “you my friend are going to die”. This may sound morbid, but it is true, and is a sound reality check for all human beings. How we end up passing to the otherside, none of us know, we may see it coming or it could happen in a blink of an eye. For most of us, we will probably get news of an illness that will give us months in which to reflect. You will probably have a long time in a hospital bed that you know you will never get our of, the question is what is that hospital bed going to be like for you? All to often we are apt to complain about life, this incredible gift 4 billion years in the making. Every day is a gift, it is a cliché because nobody lives that way. Cliches are things that everyone knows to be true and almost nobody lives by. Our days are grains of sand in an hour glass and frankly all to often we whine about living in the most advanced economy, in the freest political time, with the greatest wealth and abundance, with the most opportunities, most possibility, that any carbon-based lifeforms on this planet has ever had!

Sometimes we have to remind oneself that one day we will probably be laying down thinking, “god damn I wish I had the problems I had 20 years ago, or 10 years ago, or even yesterday.” At the end times of our final days, what would we not trade to be back where we are now at this very moment, with the ability to soak in everything life around us has to offer. We do not get letters from people in prison complaining that they don’t know how to have a good day, and that is because they do not have any choice. In reality when we do complain about anything in life, we are in essence complaining about having choices. We have to learn to step outside our comfort zone, seize the day, take risks, OR don’t take risks but be satisfied with where you are. But complaining is like spitting on the only meal you will ever have than complaining about the taste. Not everyone is created equal, I understand that, but there is no law of physics or man does not allow you to live your life the way you choose. No matter what happens or what hand we are delt in life, we have a hell of a lot more opportunity, for fun, satisfaction, virtue, power, and brilliance than our ancestors ever had. Do not say no to the greatest gift in the entire universe. 


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