Life Cycles Reincarnation And Then Web Of Life

Life Cycles Reincarnation And The Web Of Life

By Christopher M. Bache, Ph.D

This book like many others presents some of the best scientific testimonies about reincarnation (you can read one of these testimonials via the link at the bottom of this post).  However Bache joins these stories with philosophical arguments about the implications of accepting reincarnation as a reality.  This to me is what makes this book so unique.  These implications are mainly directed towards Christianity, as Bache spends a large chapter of the book discussing how reincarnation can be intergraded into and even enhance the Christian faith.  Bache even provides evidence showing when Christianity was young as a religion some Christians still believed in reincarnation.  These groups of people are now referred to as Gnostic Christians.  Furthermore Bache presents arguments that reincarnation did not get integrated into the orthodox faith not because reincarnation was a threat to the theology of Jesus, but because it may have been a threat to the institutional structure of the young church (p. 166).  Later the author points out “reincarnation invites Christians to go further then the minimal distance in rethinking their religions relation to other world faiths.”


Reincarnation also has profound effect on our understanding of who we are and what we are on this earth to do.  At the end of the book Bache discusses his understandings of the purpose of reincarnation.  He states that we are all here to grow and develop spiritually and that earth is a school we attend though our various lives.  Each life we learn a lesson or lessons that contributes to our bigger identity that encompasses all the lives we have lived.  Although not that different from many peoples current understanding of the purpose of life Bache’s thoughts made me conceptualize life in a slightly different way.


There is much more discussed about reincarnation and Christianity that I found very thought provoking.  I would advise anyone interested to check this book out.



Here is also a link to a more comprehensive review of the book:


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