This week, instead of doing a reading or watching YouTube videos, I decided to visit Crazy Wisdom.  I originally hoped to get an intuitive reading done, but ultimately I got a tarot card reading (those may be the same, I just had no idea). There were three decks on the table and she told me to pick the deck that was calling to me.  Then, I shuffled the deck until I felt that it was time to stop. Once I stopped shuffling, she took the first seven cards that were on the top of the deck and set them in front of me.

I chose the set of cards that had fairies on them. My first card had a picture of a Queen on it.  According to her reading, this meant that traditional values and stability was part of my personality.  The next card was of a leprechaun, who is somebody who fleets back and forth giving gifts.  She said this means that while I may be traditional and do my own hard work, I should be accepting of gifts or moments of instability.  I would agree with this assessment of my personality.  I think that I am very traditional and stable.  I also think that I should try harder to accept what others offer me.

The next card that I can remember is the Grim Reaper.  I will admit that it was rather jarring when that card was laid down.  She had two interpretations of it.  There was one that meant that I needed to accept upcoming change.  That it would be headed my way and that I should embrace it.  The other option would be that death is behind me.  I hope that both of those readings would be true.  Admittedly, it mostly made me nervous that death is ahead of me.

The seven cards are supposed to tell a tale from beginning to end.  When I reached my 7th card, it symbolized the avoidance of deception.  She told me to avoid deceptive people in my life and stay true to myself.  However, the reader felt that this did not complete my life story properly, so she made me draw another card.  Ultimately, I ended with the green lady who is supposed to represent wholeness with oneself and with nature, which made a happier and more complete tarot card reading.

I found the experience interesting.  I liked the idea that the cards that were supposed to end up with me, would.  What she said did fit with my current journey, being that I am a senior and am looking at big changes.  However, I feel that the concepts were very broad, making it so that they could easily be relevant for anybody.  What I found the most interesting was the grim reaper.  I had been talking to my mom about how, based on my life experiences, I feel that I am a grim reaper.  She had been debating with me that I was, in fact, a guardian angel.  It was a bit eerie for me to get the Grim Reaper under those circumstances then.  Overall, I would say it was a fun experience but I do not think that tarot card readings are very personal or accurate.

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