4/2 Weiss

This week, I continued my quest to exploring the different systems of thoughts on reincarnation by reading Dr. Brian L. Weiss’s book Many Lives, Many Masters. In his book, he presents a very interesting and surprisingly specific structure for the reincarnation process involving a hierarchical structure of masters and souls. In this unique system, the masters guide the general souls through numerous lives in order for them to gain wisdom and learn valuable lessons. At the same time, the souls retain certain characteristics such as phobias into their next lives even though none of the memories transfer. Overall, this system seems just as plausible as any other system to me because it assumes the commonly held belief of omniscient / omnipotent / omnibenevolent beings and parallels the near death experience and stories of meaningful reincarnations we have looked at before in class. However, the thing that bothers me the most is the single case study that is used as the sole evidence for the basis of the entire book. Although the repeated and consistent therapeutic sessions of the lady with anxiety issues outlining her thirty seven past lives coupled with the supposed confirmations by a third party psychic suggest the existence of these multiple lives, there are a lot of holes in the picture such as how masters create souls or when souls can ascend to masters or how many lessons there are to learn.

I thought that the scope of the study was not even close to sufficient proof of the described system and could very easily be debunked by any other conflicting case. I hoped that there would be other evidence because the lesson learning and concept of free will seem to make sense in the larger scope of things.

I myself am a skeptic, although I can see how the possibility of reincarnation and the system Weiss could still exist.  Even though other non-believers say there is no evidence that we can prove this type of stuff exists, I believe that it could be due to the fact that skeptics are making that judgment based on the standard scientific method of proof that we currently know.  What if there are more ways to prove that things exist than just using the standard scientific method of developing a hypothesis and running controlled experiments.

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