This week I continued my journey of looking into children’s experiences of past lives.  I found a Paranormal Documentary called “The Ghost Inside My Child.”  The documentary followed three children and their parents’ through their journey of living their current life and their past lives.  One of the children felt that he had died in WWII, another child felt that she had died in the Oklahoma City bombing, and another child felt that he had died in the terrorist attacks on 9/11.  I focused my attention on the child who had visions of WWII and the child who had memories of dying in the Oklahoma City bombing.

James, a child from Lafayette, Louisiana started having nightmares around the age of 2 years old.  He would thrash around screaming about a “airplane crash, on fire, little man can’t get out.” When his parents asked him about the event, James explained to them that he was shot down by the Japanese.  The boat that his plane had taken off from was called Natoma, which was an American ship (USS Natoma Bay).

When James was three, he started doing drawings of the plane that he had been on the day he died.  He also claimed that he had flown a Corsair and that his name had been James. James’ dad then took it upon himself to research people who had been killed aboard the USS Natoma Bay.  He discovered that there was only one person who had died aboard the USS Natoma Bay and his name was, in fact, James Huston Jr.  James’s mother then called the sister of James Huston to see if she would send any pictures to their house.  This was when they found out that before James Huston Jr. flew from Natoma Bay he used to fly a Corsair.  James’s story finally had full validity.

To help James make a distinction between his two lives, his family held a memorial service for him in the spot where he died.  It was very emotional for the present James.  However, his parents have noticed a difference in him since they held the memorial service.  He has finally been freed of his past life.

The second kid from the video was named Carson.  Even since she was 5 years old, Carson felt that she had died in the Oklahoma bombings.  She talked about a man who pretended to be nice but was actually bad and how he drove a van into a building, killing many. The hardest thing for Carson was not that she had died, but that she was separated from her original family.  She wanted more than anything to visit her “real” mother.

Now, Carson is 12 years old and has visited the Oklahoma City memorial.  When she visited, she finally got some closure.  She went with her current mother and they talked about the memorial, the significance, and Carson finally was able to visit “home.”  The two of them stood there and cried for a long time, sharing this experience together.  Since this moment in Carson’s life, she has started 7th grade and has not mentioned the Oklahoma City bombings in months.

I found both of these stories very compelling.  The other night I was speaking to my roommate about reincarnations and whether or not we believed in them.  She was dead set on not believing and never believing.  After hearing these two stories, I feel that there is a possibility that it could be real.  I struggle with the idea of children suffering through reincarnation.  That does not seem like a positive learning and growing experience for either the child or the family. In order to grow as a new individual and for the soul to experience new things, the past life needs to separate from the present.  Overall, to help the children’s psychological well-being I felt that closure was the most important.  Both the parents and the children needed to be on board with the experience of saying goodbye to the past life so that they can all move forward together

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