4/7 Soul mates

Izzie Osiniecka


Psych 401

Research on Soul mates

            This week, I decided to do reading on soul mates. As we saw in class today, the belief in soul mates is not very common. I wanted to start out with my explanation of what I believe soul mates are. My definition of soul mates is two or more souls that have a special connection to each other, who are always drawn together every time they are on Earth. It does not have to be a romantic couple (though let’s be honest, that is always the most fun), it could be sibling, friends, cousins, animals, anything. Well, anything that has a soul (so not a chair). I believe that when you meet your soul mate, you know. You might not realize it right away, but with hindsight bias you will come to see that you knew who this person (or animal or whatever) was all along. Also, I believe that the purpose of soul mates is to have a companion on Earth, to always remind you of the collective consciousness and the connection you have to all others deep down inside. They are someone to keep you company, and to love you unconditionally. And yes, as corny as it is, I do believe that my boyfriend and I are soul mates, and you cannot tell me otherwise!

From a near death experience website, I found an article entitled “Soulmates and Consciousness: New Understanding from NDE Research.” This article describes how consciousness studies, NDEs, and relationships are related to the ongoing Soulmate study the author is doing. She defines soul mate as “a loving relationship involving positive co-creation and manifesting spiritual growth,” so it differs from my definition a bit. The researchers collected NDE stories, and found that many NDE experiencers found soul mates to be a necessary component of soul development. One of the six most important principals NDE experiences described was that soul mates are one aspect of individuals feeling connected to a supreme creative being. So basically, your love for your soul mate, and the love you feel coming from your soul mate, are a substitute for God while you cannot be with him. I would like to think that I would love my boyfriend more even if God was in the room, but I might just be selfish. I was unable to find the research that the author and her co-researcher did in 2000 that she referred to in the article, so I would be curious to learn more about their findings. I did not really buy into any of the other soul mate research I found online, like the one about soul mate energies.

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