Inspiring Encounters With The Divine

Edited by
Jennifer Skiff

This is a collection of short stories gathered by the author after she had an experience that she believed was undoubtedly proof of the divine. When Jennifer Skiff was 32 she was diagnosed with malignant bone cancer. At this time Jennifer had been struggling with a lot of unhappiness and the news that her life would be soon ending was not really too bad at all. However, it was this experience that showed her how worthwhile her life was. Days after she was diagnosed just about everyone she had ever known came to visit her or send her flowers and the most sincere greetings. She remarks that she was “engulfed by a warm blanket of love.” Nearly a week after the biopsy the doctor came to her room saying, “I never get to say this!… Benign!… the slide we looked at looked malignant but the lab results just came back and they say it was benign!” This event led Jennifer to believe that God concretely touched her life.

Skiff began asking people for their “God stories” after a minister asked her if she had any. When Jennifer asked the minister what God stories were the minister said they were miracle-like events that prove that God exists. People rarely ask this question and people rarely dare to tell others about them, but this book is testament to how many stores are out there. This divine entity many call God may seem far off and distant but God does break through and do somethings completely clear and concrete to touch human lives

This book is a collection of those aha experiences told by people from every faith, religion, and walk of life. I think what is great about this book is that it nudges you to consider your own God stores.

From a skeptical point of view one could say that there were only a few stories that one could find no other rational explanation for but a miracle. However, from my perspective that doesn’t make the stories any less special. I think they all had a meaningful message regardless of if you decide to take every word for truth.

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